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Please follow the listed instructions carefully for a successful submission of your application.

  • Only ONE applicant per application.
  • Fields marked with an * are required.
  • All required fields must be completed. If a required field does not apply to your situation, please enter NA.
  • Please enter dates in the format MM/DD/YYYY.
  • Please enter phone numbers in the format (111) 111-1111.
In this section, enter the Authorization Code you received from your potential landlord. If the code ends with a letter “A”, you are expected to pay for your application fee with a credit or debit card once the application has been submitted. If you are unable to do so, please do not fill out and submit the application.

IF YOU SUBMIT A PAYMENT AND IT DOES NOT PROCESS SUCCESSFULLY, PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT THE APPLICATION AGAIN! Contact our office at (651) 224-3002 and we will process the payment for you.

If you have NOT received an Authorization Code from your potential landlord, DO NOT submit the application. If we receive your application and payment, both will be processed and are NON REFUNDABLE.

It is also required that you enter a valid email address in the “Your Email Address” field. It is this address where the submission notification email will be sent.


Enter your personal information in this section. Fields marked with an * are required.


Please list your current address and rental information. For all required fields that are not applicable to you, please enter NA.
Please list your previous address and rental information. For all required fields that are not applicable to you, please enter NA.
If neither of your current or previous addresses are rental, please list your most recent rental.


Please enter your income and expenses information in this section. For all required fields that are not applicable to you, please enter NA.


In this section, answer the “Yes or No” and “When and Where” fields only.
Have You Ever Filed Bankruptcy? *
Do You Have Any Pets? *
Have You Ever Resided In Another State? *
When and Where?
Have You Ever Been Arrested or Charged with a Crime Other Than a Traffic Violation? *
Have You Even Been Evicted / Been Asked To Vacate / Not Paid Rent When Due? *
Additional Contact Information
List All Occupants


This section includes the release of information along with your authorization for an electronic signature. The signature field must be completed in order to submit the completed application.
I understand and agree that this application is not a lease and that it may be accepted or rejected by the Lessor. I hereby authorize the Lessor and/or Twin City Tenant Check, Inc. to obtain any and all information available from any organization for the purpose of review of my credit, criminal, rental and employment history. This may include, but is not limited to, consumer credit reports, salary, any additional income sources, reason for termination of employment and/or residency, and public records held by government agencies. I also authorize any organization, including but not limited to landlords, employers, credit bureaus and government agencies, to release requested information to Twin City Tenant Check, Inc. I certify the above information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and understand that any false or misleading information may be grounds for rejection of this application or termination of lease.
By submitting this application, I acknowledge that this electronic signature bears the full power and authority of my actual signature.


About Us
Established in 1989, Tenant Check is a local, family owned business specializing in Property Rental and Pre Employment applicant screening.

Tenant Check employs a combination of targeted data sources to return the most complete and verifiable intelligence about YOUR applicant. Many “instant” screening services return a “false positive” and cannot provide the true and accurate results obtained by the focused and thorough methods utilized by Tenant Check.

We are very proud of our record and our ability to provide comprehensive, detailed and objective information while protecting the rights of applicants and landlords. We would be equally proud to serve you as one of our valued clients. Put our research experience to work for you!