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Twin City Tenant Check now offers comprehensive screening services tailored to both property owners and business owners.

The Tenant Screening process is a property owners best opportunity to control the quality and integrity of a building. It builds strong neighborhoods, promotes tenant satisfaction and improves profitability.

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Pre Employment Screening is a proven method for creating a safer and more secure workplace. Investigating the background of a potential hire can help minimize employee theft, increase customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of negligent-hiring lawsuits.

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About Us
Established in 1989, Tenant Check is a local, family owned business specializing in Property Rental and Pre Employment applicant screening.

Tenant Check employs a combination of targeted data sources to return the most complete and verifiable intelligence about YOUR applicant. Many “instant” screening services return a “false positive” and cannot provide the true and accurate results obtained by the focused and thorough methods utilized by Tenant Check.

We are very proud of our record and our ability to provide comprehensive, detailed and objective information while protecting the rights of applicants and landlords. We would be equally proud to serve you as one of our valued clients. Put our research experience to work for you!
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